somewhere else & the accidental angler


Somewhere Else is a thousand miles away and right next door. It’s where fly fishing takes you: a place and a state of mind. It’s the Himalayan foothills of Bhutan where trout rise to bright insects amidst stands of bamboo; it’s London’s suburbs, where rivers feed municipal fountains; it’s a wind-torn phone-box in a field on the Lesotho border; it’s the Massif Centrale, where a cross-eyed Correzian’s shotgun might just be the end of the line.

Somewhere Else was shortlisted WHSmith Sports Bo0k of the Year 2004.

“This book is a joy.” Country Life. 
“A cracker. Somewhere Else may well be the fishing book of the year.” The Field. “An intense round-the-world fly-fishing adventure which sucks you in from first page to last.” Scotland on Sunday.

To buy a signed copy of Somewhere Else – Paperback for £7.99 via PayPal click BUY NOW

In The Accidental Angler you’ll battle titanic monsters on a tropical atoll and make believe sharks on the mushy-peas-and-gravy wash. You’ll chase inscrutable grayling through back gardens in Provence, or phantom sea trout in suburban Southampton. In exotic and far flung places or just at the end of your road, fishing will get you up close to crabby weather and crabbier locals, moon-phases, rip-tides, floods, droughts and of course fantastic, slippery beasts. The Accidental Angler was Classic Angling’s Best Travel Book 2007 and the Angling Writer’s Association Travel Book of the Year 2007. It was developed into a critically acclaimed series for BBC2.

The Accidental Angler seems to prove that a tiddler of a book can be a pluperfect obsessive’s masterpiece.” The Oldie. “Rangeley-Wilson captures the essence of time and place in ways that open your eyes to what you are missing. A real treat.” The Daily Telegraph.

To buy a signed copy of The Accidental Angler – Paperback for £7.99 via PayPal click BUY NOW

To buy a signed copy of Somewhere Else – Hardback for £15.99 via PayPal click BUY NOW

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