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Wheel Nut

I grew up inside, outside, around and under old racing cars and motorbikes and have inherited the petrol bug. Unemployed in 1989 and wondering what to do I dropped a hopeful line to the then proprietor of Motor Sport magazine – a venerable Mr Tee – and was invited for an interview. Without saying a word myself I listened for an hour or so to yesteryear stories of motoring derring do until Mr Tee leant back in his seat and asked, “Well boy, do you want the job?” “Which job,” I asked. “Assistant editor of course,” Mr Tee replied.

I started on Monday and my first ever feature was an interview with Sir Jackie Stewart. No-one else could make it from amongst our staff of two and so the three-times world champion had to put up with a boy-scout: I had no idea what I was doing and recorded the interview with my hero on a boom-box. He was very polite about it.

Nowadays, I’m keeping the internal-combustion typing muscles exercised by writing the monthly motoring column In the Driving Seat for Country Life. Click on the links below for a break from fish, rivers and history.

Subaru Forester

Isuzu D max Arctic Trucks

Volvo V90

Aston Martin DB11

Mercedes GLC

Porsche Macan

Skoda Superb

Volvo XC90

Audi A4 Allroad

Jaguar F-Type AWD R

Porsche 911

Audi Q7

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