words and pictures by charles rangeley-wilson

About Me

I was born in Zambia, moved to England when I was small and studied at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University.

I used to teach Art but nowadays I work as a writer, photographer and conservationist. I’m interested in landscape, geology, history, natural history and people. And because all these things come together in rivers and also in the best waste of time ever invented – fly-fishing – I often write about rivers and fishing too.

My most recent book Silt Road was a story of the English landscape told through the history of a lost suburban river and a few people whose lives it shaped.

The two before that, Somewhere Else and The Accidental Angler were anthologies of fishing and travel stories, as much about place and people as fish and fishing.

I’m working on others: a new book for Chatto & Windus about history and fish; a new book of fishing and travel stories.

My work has been published in various magazines and newspapers including Country Life, Countryfile, The Sunday Telegraph, The Field, Gray’s Sporting Journal, The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian and The Independent.

I’ve done some work for TV and including writing and presenting the critically-acclaimed BBC4 film ‘Fish! – A Japanese Obsession’ about the cultural relationship between the Japanese, fish and fishing.

I am passionate about conservation with a particular interest in the history, restoration and preservation of chalk-streams. I’m an Associate Advisor to WWF UK (chalk-streams). I’m a vice-president of the Wild Trout Trust and an Ambassador for the Angling Trust. 

You can email me by using my full surname without the hyphen followed by the at symbol, followed by me followed by dot com

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. M Gordon

    Hi Charles

    I just finished watching your program where you were trying to catch a trout in London. The program was quite sad, pollution and waste destroying the waterways.

    Did any other people cleaning up the Womble think about stocking the river with brown trout to give the population a boost?

    I would have thought the numbers of chub would make the trouts recovery much more difficult so sticking with some larger trout may have helped.

    I enjoyed the show and share your view on how we need to start helping nature more often.

  2. rangeley

    Hi, thanks for the note. The Wandle has been stocked with trout fry via the Trout in the Classroom scheme. I don’t think any adult trout have been put in lately. The trout are now spawning and I believe that there is evidence that the spawning is successful. The Wandle Trust organise litter clear-outs: if ever you’re interested in helping I’m sure they’d like the support. Best wishes.

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