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Review in The Telegraph


Another (mostly) good review and a generous spread in the Telegraph. You can read it online here. Sinclair McKay (author of The Secret Life of Bletchley Park and The Secret Listeners) seemed to enjoy the history and was kind enough to write lines such as: “Rangeley-Wilson’s historical excursions are fascinating”. There were caveats – he wasn’t convinced by the photographs or what he described as the more ‘quotidian’ encounters with librarians and council officials – but I’ll weather those personal reservations for Sinclair’s thoughtful conclusion: “Here, there is a sliver of a possibility that the Wye might be opened up once more. In the meantime, though, we have been taken on a strange journey through a small wedge of richly wooded landscape that, because of its perceived blandness, we might have been inclined to overlook. The moral is that blandness is manufactured: the real world beneath is layered with history and pulsates with wonders.”

3 Responses to “Review in The Telegraph”

  1. beautifulorange

    Congratulations… I can’t imagine how it must feel to see people responding so positively in such a public forum.

  2. rangeley

    Mark, it is very heartening to hear good things at any rate … but of course there’s always the not so good things. But so far so okay. Like your blog, by the way. Charles.

  3. beautifulorange

    Thanks Charles – I appreciate it.

    I feel like I’ve read a lot about needing to accept bad reviews. But seeing as I struggle to accept any negative criticism of my work, I think it must be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with if/when it arrives. Best of luck to you.

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